About “Tairyoku maintenance” For Foreigner

I am the member of Taiyoku Maintenance Associates.

I try to explain about ‘Tairyoku maintenance’ in English for foreigners.
I think it is beneficial to keep your body and mental healthier.

Every human body contains cells.
Each cell has Mitochondrion inside. Mitochondrion is the factory of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).
Atp is the organic chemical that provides energy to whole body.
The more your body get O2, the more it can produce ATP.

However, intense exercise will increase lactic acid inside body that cause muscle fatigue.
Also, it leads to Active oxygen (when your body gets too much Oxygen) that make your cells become malfunction and turn to be a cancer finally.

So Moderate aerobic exercise is one of the things to increase ATP propotion in your body.